Start-up launches software to automate industrial vehicles

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Software start-up Polymath Robotics, an autonomous software company, has developed a plug-and-play software platform to allow companies to efficiently automate industrial vehicles.

The platform has an accompanying software development kit (SDK).

The product was developed to cater to all the applications and products an organisation may need to operate autonomous robots, such as hazard detection, forklifts and path planning.

Polymath Robotics claims its software platform can help organisations skip the often long process of automation, which can include establishing a safety layer and a front-end app.

The company reports that it is already working with potential customers and that interested parties can start building for free in simulation via its Application Programming Interface (API).

Polymath’s API gives the robot instructions, though the process does not run on software alone. The start-up partnered with US tech firm Sygnal Technologies to help deliver the necessary hardware, including drive-by-wire kits.

Some of the company’s angel investors reportedly include Darren Liccardo (managing director of Catapult Ventures), Matt Sweeney (general partner of Thursday Ventures), Kyle Vogt (co-founder and CEO of Cruise) and Oliver Cameron (former co-founder and CEO of Voyage).

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