Otto Motors integrates Boston Dynamics’ Spot into AMR fleet

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Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) manufacturer Otto Motors has demonstrated the benefits of integrating its warehouse robots with Boston Dynamic’s Spot.

Otto, part of Clearpath Robotics, used Clearpath’s robot operating system (ROS) to control Spot and access all onboard sensing data streamS, including odometry, images, and point clouds from each of the five on-board stereo cameras, plus data from any additional payloads.

According to Otto, the test enabled the company to showcase the robustness of its autonomy and fleet manager software running on the Clearpath platform, which was launched in September 2020.

The ROS driver enables researchers to take full advantage of ROS capabilities out-of-the-box. Users can leverage widely available open-source libraries, tools, and the greater ROS community to fast-track their robotics development.

Furthermore, Otto’s own fleet manager platform can handle everything from traffic control, job supervision, to robot management and facility integration.

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