Omron unveils new industrial assembly robotic arm

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Factory automation solutions provider Omron has launched its latest industrial robot, the i4 series selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) for the F&B and automotive sectors.

According to Omron, the i4H has been designed to achieve “a more meaningful and efficient production for factory needs” through its higher payloads of up to 15kg and high-speed cycle times. It also features an updated robust design that can be integrated into production lines.

The i4H-650 is also available with 750mm and 850mm reach

Furthermore, it can be mounted onto the floor or the wall with 650mm, 750mm and 850mm reach lengths available and 210 and 410 quill options.

Omron said this allows manufacturers to produce high mixes of products at low volume that provide a wider array of goods to people.

Furthermore, a first-ever on-board display and health lighting indicator enables users to complete machine loading, palletising and mechanical assembly whilst maximising uptime.

The i4H range can also be programmed to work alongside the rest of Omron’s devices including vision, motion, IO and safety solutions through its single programming software, Sysmac.

Sysmac has been developed to simulate an entire production line, thereby reducing troubleshooting time and allowing customers to achieve high levels of synchronisation between multiple robots.

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