Kuka launches compact robot for electronics manufacturing

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Kuka has launched a compact industrial robot for automated production processes in electronics manufacturing and for handling tasks in other industries.

The new KR 4 Agilus has a 4kg payload and is designed for small automation cells, in production environments with limited space, and for application scenarios with high demands. It can be installed in a number of different positions, such as on the floor, wall or ceiling, at any angle.

Markus Hollfelder-Asam, portfolio manager at Kuka, said: “With the KR 4 Aagilus, we are not just closing a gap in Kuka’s portfolio, we are supplying a new small robot in the 4kg class that is a real ‘big hitter’, ideally suited for a broad spectrum of automation tasks – both in the electronics industry and in many other sectors.

Able to operate in temperatures between 0–55oC, the reliability of the KR 4 Agilus has been tested by TÜV; the European CE mark and the American UL certification mark, amongst others. As such, users are protected against uncontrolled electrostatic charging and discharging, making the the KR 4 Agilus suitable for sensitive tasks.

The small robot also features Kuka’s latest control technology, the KR C5 micro and KSS 8.7 system software, enabling tasks to be controlled and solved efficiently. What’s more, a range of different interfaces means numerous peripheral devices can be connected to the product.

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