Igus energy chain solution tidies up cables on Universal Robot arm

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Energy chain manufacture Igus UK has partnered with Universal Robot to demonstrate the ease of tidying up cables on robot arms.

According to Igus, rotating and pivoting movements during 3D applications are commonplace, which means energy chains are required to safely guide and protect robot cables.

In a recently released video (see above), Igus demonstrated how its Triflex energy chain solution compliments a Universal Robots robot arm’s movements, enabling smooth motion without damaging the cables.

Due to its high tensile force absorption and high flexibility, the energy chain enables a rotation of about ±10° per chain link, with complicated motions in the vertical axes.

To increase the service life of cables and hoses, the Triflex R offers a defined bend radius as well as high torsion resistance and defined torsion stop-dog.

Furthermore, the solution’s modular design allows it to be easily lengthened and shortened.

Available in three configurations, the energy chain has been designed for machine tools, six-axle handling equipment, conveyor technology and general mechanical engineering for a range of sectors.

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