Haith form-fill-seal system features Kawasaki palletising robot

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A special purpose machine builder in the UK has deployed a robot to work as part of a form-fill-seal bagging system in the aggregate industry.

A video released by Haith Group shows a Kawasaki CP180L robot picking up filled and sealed bags of aggregate, each weighing up to 40kg, lifting and rotating them through 90° and then stacking them in an approved and programmed pattern onto adjacent pallets ready for dispatch.

Haith Group’s special build capabilities include bespoke palletising and bagging systems as well as tailored, fully mobile form-fill-seal machines for aggregate and root crop handling systems.

Haith form-fill-seal systems with Kawasaki palletising robots allow aggregate operators to extract better margins

According to Haith Group sales director Carl Taylor, 2020 was a record year for sales of the company’s latest systems featuring the robot palletising facility, exporting machines to 13 countries.

“Our business has established a hard-won reputation for designing and delivering systems with unrivalled durability and reliability coupled with a lengthy service life,” said Taylor. “That is exactly what our experience of Kawasaki robots has been too.”

The Kawasaki CP180L has been developed for challenging applications in arduous environments where heavy payloads and high precision coupled with speed and accuracy are required.

Carrying a maximum payload of 180kg, the five-axis robot offers a reach of 3,255mm and a palletising capability of more than 2,000 cycles/hr. Despite the speed, positional accuracy when carrying the 180kg payload at maximum reach is +/- 0.5mm.

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