Cyngn releases updated suite for autonomous vehicle management

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Cyngn, a developer of autonomous driving software, has released its Enterprise Autonomy Suite (EAS) v8.0.

The new suite includes 138 new features, as well as a reported 33% reduction in component complexity and a 75% reduction in cloud computing costs.

The EAS v8.0 launch comes alongside the release of the company’s new vehicle workspace, which uses colour-coded LED lighting to help workers safely use autonomous vehicles.

“This system-wide release marks a major milestone for both Cyngn and its customers,” said Lior Tal, CEO at Cyngn.

“The upgrades made to the core components of EAS bring the performance consistency, targeted insights, and product maturity that is required to drive the value that customers expect out of investments in advanced technology.”

EAS v8.0 provides a suite of tools as part of its solution for autonomous vehicle management. This includes DriveMod, an AI and sensor-powered autonomous driving software system, which offers a range of functions, such as obstacle detection and route optimisation.

The suite also features Cyngn Insight, which functions both remotely and for on-site operations, to provide fleet and data management options as well as asset tracking and real time diagnostics.

The third main component is Cyngn Evolve, which uses data optimisation to support analytic and machine learning processes.

According to Cyngn, EAS v8.0 can be implemented at both the assembly stage and in built vehicles to support the transition to an autonomous fleet.

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