Cleveron uses augmented reality to install parcel robots

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Estonian parcel robot producer Cleveron has partnered with San Francisco-based Scope AR to create an augmented reality tool designed to help install Cleveron robots worldwide.

Reportedly the first company to use augmented reality to install robotics-based parcel lockers, Cleveron said all its robots will have the installation tool by the end of 2021.

Cleveron’s partners must first complete an online training course in order to use the augmented reality tool during product installations with the help of Cleveron’s remote supervisor.

Using Scope AR’s software, Cleveron’s 3D product models can be imported straight from a computer-aided design programme and animated into augmented reality within seconds.

By turning physical product installations into virtual, Cleveron’s technicians no longer need to travel on-site, making it easier to scale expansions for Cleveron and its distributors as travel restrictions continue.

Cleveron’s augmented reality tool allows installations even with travel restrictions

Cleveron’s CTO Ott Pabut said: “The augmented reality tool has provided Cleveron with an opportunity to greatly improve the quality of product trainings and support that we offer to our partners worldwide.

“Our 3D product models are now directly linked with the material that we use for trainings, which reduces the room for interpretation when operating solely based on paper manuals.

“With the help of this tool, we have installed products on three different continents with partners who have little or no prior experience with the particular product.

“Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, this would not have been possible any other way.”

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