Avidbots rolls out new autonomous robot floor scrubber platform

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Avidbots, a Canadian robotics company, has announced the launch of Neo 2, its next-generation autonomous robot floor scrubber platform.

Designed for cleaning and sanitising vast commercial spaces with hard-flooring, Neo 2 is powered by Avidbots’ AI platform and features 14 sensors, resulting in 360-degree visibility and advanced obstacle avoidance.

Coupled with advanced diagnostics and proprietary Avidbots Command Center, Neo 2 operates with minimal human intervention. Moving at speeds up to 1.35m/sec (4.43ft/sec), Neo 2 is designed to clean and sanitise floors more effectively and efficiently than humans, allowing cleaning teams to focus on other areas.

However, to meet increased needs for disinfection post-Covid, Neo 2 will soon offer a disinfectant add-on with capacity to disinfect high-touch surfaces.

Faizan Sheikh, CEO and co-founder of Avidbots, said: “We are excited to launch Neo 2 as the next iteration of our world-leading autonomous floor-scrubbing robot platform.

“Building on the great success of the previous version, Neo 2 delivers a quality, reliable, and measurable floor-cleaning solution to commercial spaces.

“In a time when businesses need consistent, high-quality cleaning, and disinfecting, Neo 2 offers a smart answer for companies needing to reassure customers, partners and employees alike.”

Avidbots currently provides robotics solutions to companies across manufacturing, warehousing, education, healthcare, airports, retail and more, such as DHL, Singapore Changi Airport, and 3M.

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