Tompkins Robotics develops automated unit sortation solution

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Distribution solutions provider Tompkins Robotics has developed a robotic application to automate the exit process on a unit sortation order fulfilment system.

The xChange system uses a robot to remove completed orders containers from the sortation process before placing empty containers in position.

The solution combines a fully automated unit sortation system with an autonomous container removal system to reduce costs and labour requirements of distribution in a fulfilment centre.

Tompkins Robotics partnered with IAM Robotics on the system, which is based on IAM Robotics’ latest robot model Atlas.

Mike Futch, CEO of Tompkins Robotics, said: “We are proud to unveil this breakthrough automation technology with our partner, IAM Robotics.

“This collaboration combines the strengths of both companies to put the final puzzle piece together to maximise fulfilment automation for our industry.”

Atlas has joined the automation fulfilment line as a solution designed for high-demand throughput requirements.

It features a robust design with a fully configurable tote tower and a mobile base with rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology and direct-drive wheels.

Tom Galluzzo, CEO of IAM Robotics described the collaboration “a game-changer for logistics”.

Typically, a unit sorter system utilises an associate to manually sort items from an accumulation chute to unique order containers and place the containers onto a takeaway conveyor.

By contrast, xChange has been designed to allow most orders to be sorted directly into an order container. It automatically removes and replaces the container, automating the sortation and order fulfilment exit process.

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