Seegrid procures start-up Box Robotics

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Seegrid, a self-driving industrial vehicle developer, has acquired mobile robotics start-up Box Robotics.

Box Robotics creates high-definition maps featuring 3D lidar to measure distances by laser light. It also applies deep-learning technology to warehouse and manufacturing automation spaces.

Seegrid said the acquisition will accelerate next-generation perception and more human-like, situational awareness technology for its vision guided vehicles.

Box Robotics co-founders Tom Panzarella and John Spletzer will lead Seegrid’s perception engineering team and will focus on adding 3D situational awareness to Seegrid’s 3D vision-based navigation.

Jim Rock, CEO of Seegrid, said: “This effort will ultimately increase efficiency and productivity while furthering Seegrid’s leading safety record that has reached four million miles at customer sites without a single personnel safety incident.”

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