Musashi Seimitsu and 634AI enter AMR partnership

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Computing solutions provider 634AI and automobile parts manufacturer Musashi Seimitsu have signed an agreement, which will involve the deployment of 200 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

The AMRS will be implemented across Musashi’s 35 manufacturing facilities worldwide and will be powered by Maestro, an autonomous mobile robot management platform support by artificial intelligence (AI).

The platform will be used to automate Musashi Seimitsu’s logistical operations and increase the safety and efficiency of its manufacturing sites.

After two years testing, Musashi Seimitsu intends to rollout the AMRs under Maestro supervision across four years.

AI solutions provider SixAI owns 634AI, and also has a strategic partnership with Musashi Seimitsu.

With Maestro, Musashi Seimitsu plans to accelerate the automation of its operations, improve coordinated activity between humans and robots and the safety of manual activities.

Isaku Takeshi, managing executive officer of Musashi Seimitsu, said: “We have been heavily investing in automation and AI capabilities over the past few years, with a vision to create a more humane workplace where people no longer carry out tedious, repetitive, unrewarding tasks.

“We believe 634AI’s distinct approach for industrial floor management and control allows, for the first time, people and machines to effectively work side by side in a much safer environment.

“We look forward to a fruitful deployment across our global manufacturing sites.”

Musashi Seimitsu has facilities in JapanGermany, US, Canada, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, SpainThailandIndonesia and Vietnam.

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