Kassow Robots and Industrial Control join forces on automation

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Kassow Robots, a collaborative robot (cobot) developer, has partnered with Industrial Control, a factory automation specialist, to provide automated solutions.

Kassow Robots plans to combine its KR series of seven-axis cobots and Industrial Control’s solutions to help efficiently finish repetitive and high-accuracy tasks, such as quality assurance.

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“Industrial Control is a perfect partner for intelligent robotic solutions,” says Dieter Pletscher, head of global sales at Kassow Robots.

“To ensure success, their team utilises the combined expertise of engineers, factory support, and partners like us to provide automation solutions, products and training.”

The companies claim there is a growing shortage of skilled workers, a gap which the pair hope to fill by providing factory workers with experience through Industrial Solutions’ training and Kassow Robots’ software.

The seven-axis cobots provide a reported reach of about three to six feet (850 to 1800 mm) and payloads of around 11 to 40 pounds (five to 18 kg).

The seventh axis is designed to enable continuous dispensing, welding and material removal applications without the need to reorient the arm.

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