GreyOrange partners with Blue Yonder to offer end-to-end automated warehouse solutions

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GreyOrange has announced an agreement with Blue Yonder to leverage its combined digital warehouse management system (WMS) and order management system (OMS) to speed up fulfilment modernisation for joint customers.

Together, GreyOrange and Blue Yonder will provide a range of options for retailers, brands and manufacturers across North America, EMEA and the Latin America region focused on fulfilment, in a number of ways.

For example, the two companies can set up micro-fulfilment centers in 12 weeks, whether in vacated store space, through adaptive re-use of existing buildings too small to serve as conventional fulfilment centres or in new-build, smaller-footprint facilities placed closer to customers to facilitate cost-effective, same-day/next-day shipping of fast-moving, high-demand items.

In addition, Blue Yonder’s WMS and OMS will now pass orders directly to GreyOrange’s GreyMatter fulfilment platform, which then orchestrates order fulfilment in the micro-fulfilment centre, coordinating human and robotic teams and tasks.

Furthermore, the collaboration will enable stores to serve both walk-in and online customers by setting up back-of-store fulfilment capabilities within eight weeks.

To do this, GreyOrange can convert back-of-store areas into mini-fulfilment centres that receive orders from Blue Yonder’s WMS and OMS solutions and then direct teams of people and robots to pick, pack and ship items from back and front-of-store inventory.

By combining Blue Yonder’s WMS and OMS solutions with the GreyOrange fulfilment platform, companies can also deploy modern omni-channel capabilities, including real-time order prioritisation with waveless fulfilment processes for both e-commerce and store replenishment orders, and a multi-robot orchestration platform directing fleets of robots across numerous workflows in the distribution centre.

What’s more, the GreyMatter platform leverages Blue Yonder’s store planogram data to enable store-ready replenishment. The platform directs robots and people to pick and pack store replenishment orders in the most efficient way possible, specific to the store’s layout.

“Blue Yonder’s warehouse management and order management solutions are recognised by industry analysts as best-in-class and the brands they serve are market leaders,” said Lesley Simmonds, vice president, global business development and alliances, GreyOrange.

“We are looking forward to bringing the powerful combination of software and robots in our fulfilment platform and Blue Yonder’s warehouse management and order management solutions to companies that want to use modern fulfilment as a strategic advantage that dramatically improves customer service as well as cost-efficiency.”

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