Berkshire Grey collaboration brings automation-first approach to supply chain

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Berkshire Grey, AI-enabled robotic solutions provider, will partner with information technology firm Atos to accelerate automation of supply chain operations.

Together, the two companies aim to bring intelligent enterprise robotic solutions to retail, transportation, and logistics (RTL) customers, enabling them to overcome strained supply chains.

“Berkshire Grey and Atos believe digital transformation and robotics are two sides of the same coin for those looking to transform the supply chain for today’s on-demand world,” said Neil Berry, SVP and general manager for EMEA at Berkshire Grey.

“We look forward to working together to provide the holistic, flexible and cost-effective warehouse automation and supply chain transformation solutions our shared customers value in order to meet the needs of high velocity and high volume order fulfilment.”

This partnership is designed to enable retailers and logistics providers to integrate end-to-end intelligent robotic solutions within existing IT and operations ecosystems, helping them meet surging demand through enhanced supply chain visibility and automation with minimal manual intervention.

Berkshire Grey’s automated picking, mobility and orchestration solutions augment existing warehouse staff to increase throughput and productivity throughout the supply chain and maximise fulfilment flexibility and responsiveness. Atos will implement and integrate Berkshire Grey’s AI-enabled robotic solutions into clients’ complete supply chain ecosystems to ensure information flows across systems of record as smoothly as materials transition through the warehouse.

“Many organisations are considering implementing robotics and automation, but they struggle with implementing the transformative change needed to achieve the full benefits. Together, Berkshire Grey and Atos can provide retail, transportation and logistics clients with holistic solutions that meet their needs,” said Guillaume Beuscart, SVP global head of retail, transportation and logistics at Atos.

“We look forward to working with Berkshire Grey as we integrate their AI-enabled robotic solutions with our retail transformation solutions to provide end-to-end supply chain transformation capabilities across the full value chain.”

With this collaboration, Atos will become part of Berkshire Grey’s Partner Alliance (BGPA) program as a solutions integrator partner. The program includes a select group of strategic partners that provide customers with scalable robotic solutions developed to improve fulfilment throughput while driving down operational costs.

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