Tuesday 25th Feb 2020 - Robotics and Innovation

Omron opens automation centre in Tokyo

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Omron has opened a new automation facility in Tokyo, Japan, designed to help customers find solutions to manufacturing issues.

Located in the Shinagawa ward of the city, the 1,114m2 (11,992ft2) ATC-Tokyo is designed for customers to find solutions to manufacturing issues using from Omron’s 200,000+ control devices.

ATC-Tokyo – Omron’s 37th ATC facility in the world – is being billed as the company’s flagship factory automation (FA) technology centre, featuring model production floors enabling customers to test FA that integrates AI, IoT, robotics and other technologies.

The entrance to ATC-Tokyo, Omron’s new flagship factory automation technology centre

There, customers can witness manufacturing developments made using Omron’s ‘innovative-Automation’ manufacturing innovation concept, which facilitates solutions to issues facing manufacturers globally.

A seminar room is also available for customer technical training.

Adjacent to ATC-Tokyo is POC-Tokyo, a 1,919m2 (20,655ft2) facility where customers can conduct demonstration tests in a simulated usage environment to verify processes using various robots, including collaborative robots, mobile robots, and other devices that they have brought in.

At POC-Tokyo, customers can conduct demonstration tests in a simulated usage environment to verify processes using various types of robots

Also in the vicinity is a development function where customers can demonstrate, learn skills for, and develop devices that they need.

Of the new facility, Omron said in a statement: “Amid the major transition on production floors, manufacturing businesses are being challenged by the rapid changes in social needs, the ongoing shift toward low-volume, high-mix production, cultivation of skilled workers, and simultaneous start-up of multiple locations, while at the same time AI, robotics, and other technological innovations are accelerating the advancement of seeds.

“The flagship ATC facility, ATC-Tokyo, will take the lead in extending the frontiers of manufacturing through innovation.”

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