GreyOrange and Logistex to bring fulfilment and robotics solutions to UK

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Global software and robotics provider GreyOrange has announced a partnership with Logistex, a supplier of automated materials handling and software solutions for warehousing operations.

The partnership is designed to leverage Logistex’s influence in the UK market to support GreyOrange robotics-enabled fulfilment technology offerings in the region.

“Logistex has a long-standing history of supporting UK supply-chain operations with technical expertise, operational support and a range of other supply and distribution solutions, making them the perfect partner to help GreyOrange drive UK operations and sales,” said Jeff Cashman, chief operating officer, GreyOrange.

The partnership delivers solutions that combine Logistex’s LWS Reflex software with GreyOrange’s AI-enabled software GreyMatter and Ranger series robots to expand both companies’ customer bases.

According to Logistex, LWS Reflex is designed to seamlessly unifies point automation into an integrated solution, providing management teams with clear, real-time visibility of overall operations and comprehensive management information through its Analytex business intelligence system.

“As a global leader in robotics technology, GreyOrange in partnership with Logistex can provide UK customers with leading edge robotics solutions,” said Jerry Woodhouse, managing director, Logistex.

“This is a strategically important development that meets the needs of UK warehouse operators facing the combined challenges of a rapidly moving e-commerce marketplace, rising costs and a reducing pool of available labour.”

According to GreyOrange, its GreyMatter fulfilment operating system uses advanced fulfilment science to instantaneously evaluate order data and compose the best decisions in real-time to efficiently orchestrate people, processes and robots.

GreyMatter is designed to rapidly respond to real-time exceptions and events, prescribes actions, and orchestrates integrated and frictionless performance across every fulfilment node.

Furthermore, GreyMatter continuously assesses distribution centre (DC) performance and deploys intelligent Ranger robots purpose-built to work with each other and people to handle a range of tasks across the DC.

These include transporting inventory to eliminate heavy-lifting and mile-walking for warehouse associates, supporting associates with picking and order consolidation, conveying inventory and packages, sorting packages by destinations, and transporting packages, pallets and trolleys.

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