Addverb Technologies launches new automated warehouse shuttle

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Addverb Technologies, an automated solutions provider, has announced the launch of Medius, its new multi-level shuttle system.

Medius is an automated shuttle system that stores and retrieves items in a warehouse on multiple levels. It was designed for businesses that want to increase storage density or establish a rapid and/or scalable automation operations.

It was developed around goods-to-person principles, automated storage retrieval systems (ASRS) and carton shuttles to enable order fulfilment processes.

Medius can reportedly operate at seven levels (3.7 meters or 12ft high) to optimise use of space, with the ability to add more aisles by combining several MLS systems.

The solution reportedly features a storage capacity of 255,000 crates, double-deep tote-picking and the ability to travel horizontally and vertically with 35 to 40 double cycles per hour.

Sriram Sridhar, CRO of Americas at Addverb, said: “The lines between traditional retail and e-commerce are becoming increasingly grey, which forces the need to engineer and empower warehouses with resilient and innovative technologies.

“At Addverb, we are in constant pursuit of providing a range of technologies to balance throughput and storage capacity challenges for omnichannel retailers and provide customers with a partner they can trust to offer such solutions.”

According to Addverb, Medius is also equipped with an automatic braking system and features an IP24 rating, which it claims supports warehouse and distribution processes.

The company hopes this new product will support the growth of its portfolio of fixed and flexible automated solutions. Earlier this year, Addverb also announced its expansion into North and South America.

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