Microsoft AI expert joins London-based climate intelligence startup

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Cervest, a London-based developer of an AI-powered climate intelligence platform, has hired Microsoft’s corporate vice president and deputy chief technology officer to help bring the UK startup’s products to market.

Lila Tretikov will lead the Cervest’s board of directors and share her experience in scaling companies for rapid growth, as well as her expertise across artificial intelligence, technology-enabled business transformation and climate science.

“Climate is finally on the top of the agenda for boards and governments,” said Tretikov. “Cervest’s platform serves an immediate and growing need for leaders to factor climate risk into corporate operations, capital allocations and corporate disclosures.

Microsoft CTO Lila Tretikov has joined Cervest as chairperson of its board or directors

“Cervest will enable organisations to understand and mitigate these risks, improve their planning, and become more resilient in the face of extreme climate events as leaders across the globe forge a more sustainable future.”

Cervest’s climate intelligence platform combines climate data, machine learning and statistical models to present a unified view of climate risk across millions of global assets.

Additionally, EarthScan has been designed to give enterprises and governments on-demand access to current, historical, and predictive intelligence on how combined climate risks can impact the individual assets they own or manage.

“Lila’s experience is incredibly unique,” said Iggy Bassi, CEO of Cervest. “She brings to Cervest an important combination of climate and sustainability knowledge coupled with technology and AI expertise.

“She understands the strategic and operational issues CEOs face and shares our vision that climate intelligence will one day be at the core of all business decision-making.”

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