Automation training key to career success, survey finds

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Over half of UK workers believe automation skills will be critical to their future career success, according to a study by robotic process automation company UiPath.

The research also found that 82% of those who have received access to automation training credit it with a boost to job performance.

Furthermore, when reflecting on their future careers, 63% of workers view automation skills as critical in their development, a viewpoint consistent across age groups and phases of the career journey.

“It’s no surprise that employees are looking for ways to feel more engaged at work. Automation unlocks workers’ productivity, and, more importantly, frees them to focus on meaningful work that is creative, collaborative, and strategic,” said Tom Clancy, senior vice president of learning, UiPath.

The 2021 Office Worker Survey highlighted that workers felt they have too many time-consuming tasks to complete, with 53% of office workers in the UK stating they can’t efficiently help customers.

When asked the top tasks they would like to automate, 54 % of UK office workers responded with inputting data and creating datasets, 46% scheduling calls and meeting and 42% would like to see emails automated.

However, the report did find that UK businesses are already scaling up their investment in automation software, with 16% stating their company has invested in automation software for the first time.

Clancy added: “It’s critical that companies provide training for and access to automation and other digital technologies to create more fulfilled and energised employees.”

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