StayLinked introduces no-code platform for new IIoT technologies

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Terminal software provider StayLinked has launched its latest integration platform for UK warehouse and logistics providers.

Elove is designed to provide a low risk, no-code integration path enabling supply chain organisations to future-proof legacy warehouse management systems (WMS).

Supported by StayLinked’s SmartTE advanced terminal emulation (TE) software, Evolve works to integrate new and emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies.

“One of the many challenges supply chain organisations are facing today is how to meet the ever-increasing demands of their customers whilst also juggling a shortage of labour due to covid,” said Padraig Regan, chief product officer, StayLinked.

Warehouse and logistics providers must look at improving efficiency and productivity by making changes to their legacy technology and mission-critical systems, the company added.

StayLinked Evolve is therefore designed to remove the barriers around the deployment of new technologies, allowing supply chain organisations to deliver proofs of concept and full production deployments in weeks rather than months.

Additionally, Evolve enables organisations to monitor and measure early performance data to determine what operational efficiencies have been delivered before committing to full deployment, thereby de-risking the investment.

“We have developed the StayLinked Evolve technology platform alongside our existing enterprise-grade, robust and highly secure SmartTE solutions that are proven to never drop a session, the number one productivity killer in the warehouse,” continued Regan.

“Two-thirds of warehouse and logistics organisations still rely on legacy TE software that often can’t keep pace with modern operations. What StayLinked Evolve does is future-proof that original investment, enabling it to maximise operational efficiencies. This ensures that supply chain organisations can cost-effectively take a technological leap forward and remain at the very top of their game.”

Current supported IIoT technologies include remote display wearable scanners from ProGlove, industrial wearable scanners from Nimmsta, as well as heads-up displays and Fetch autonomous mobile robots from Zebra Technologies.

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