Robotiq launches cobot palletising solution

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Robotiq, a supplier of cobot application solutions, has introduced a new robotic palletising system.

According to the company, the seven-axis palletising solution is around 30% faster than other cobot palletisers and can load up to 13 boxes a minute. Robotiq said the cobo, which comes with plug-and-play software already installed, can change task, box or pallet size seamlessly .

Nicolas Lauzier, senior product owner at Robotiq, said: “The need to automate the palletising process – already a key consideration in many facilities due to the health and safety implications of repetitive and physically demanding manual palletising on human operatives – has only been intensified by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

“However, many other cobot palletising solutions on the market have a large footprint, are comparatively high in cost and require substantial expertise in automation, while the time needed for programming can be significant.

“There are also challenges around the flexibility of these systems for different applications – for example, handling smaller boxes or using pallets of different sizes – and their speed, which rarely exceeds 10 boxes/ minute. The issue is often further complicated by the use of components from multiple providers, leading to compatibility issues.”

Robotiq added that the system can be installed in less than a day due to its single, integrated application software. It reportedly takes three steps using a visual robot control device, with automatic trajectory planning and collision detection, and there is no need for a PC or external programming. Once programmed, one-click activation gets operations under way immediately.

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