Robotiq introduces new screwdriving solution

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Robotiq, a supplier of cobot applications, has launched its screwdriving solution designed for manufacturers looking to automate screwdriving tasks.

According to the company, this solution’s intuitive features eliminate the need for expensive, complicated custom-designed systems. “Screwdriving is a dull and repetitive task that often leads to fastening inconsistencies and stress injuries,” said Catherine Leclerc, product owner at Robotiq.

“Lots of manufacturers want to automate this application but can’t find a solution that works for today’s manufacturing reality: one where products are constantly evolving and manufactured in small, high-mix batches.”

Robotiq’s screwdriving system is built to “ordered off the shelf, deployed by staff onsite, and adapted to daily production needs. And they need all that without a massive upfront investment.”

In simple small-screw assemblies it enables five-minute changeovers, so manufacturers can produce multiple products per assembly line. The screwdriver is controlled directly from the teach pendant, and built-in programming and error-proofing intelligence is embedded in the pick and screwdriving nodes, automating this task has never been easier.

The solution also features URCap software enabling users to program different screw fastening processes

“Getting separate components to communicate together is a complex task for the end-user, so making it seamless was our top priority” continued Leclerc. “The patented Screw Feeder will also resonate with the cobot market because it’s entirely adaptable. Within one minute, you can adjust the feeder to fit another type of screw and you’re good to go.”

The screwdriving function provides precision fastening to torques of one to four Nm. It also has error-proofing features for uninterrupted screwdriving, such as screw presence detection, torque control, and position monitoring.

Robotiq has also released screwdriving URCap software, which lets users program many different screw fastening processes in just a few minutes.

“Designed to keep up with frequent changeovers, reach tight spaces, and deliver a quick ROI, the Robotiq Screwdriving Solution is one of the most elaborate and innovative products we’ve built so far,” explained Jean-Philippe Jobin, at Robotiq.

“While it’s fairly easy to fasten small screws manually, it’s much harder to automate. We’ve managed to simplify that process for the end user. After a pandemic year and the resulting changes, this is the perfect time to introduce a solution that will help factories automate better and faster, elevate their workforces, and free human hands from repetitive tasks.”

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