InOrbit launches developer portal expanding RobOps ecosystem

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InOrbit, provider of cloud-based robot operations (RobOps) software, has introduced its developer portal, a rich collection of development tools to help roboticists and software engineers build scalable robotics solutions.

The online toolbox is designed for software builders and includes application programming interface (API) endpoints, software development kits (SDK), and no-code embeds to augment companies’ branded experiences. In addition, the portal features links to a growing number of open-source contributions, such as support for interoperability standards and sample integration for ChatOps.

Developers can get started right away, leveraging the developer portal along with the free-of-charge infrastructure InOrbit recently announced as part of the InOrbit Free Edition. Used together, roboticists developing the next-generation of robots can quickly accelerate their development rather than starting from scratch, according to InOrbit.

“As engineers ourselves, we always want to create tools that solve problems and can be incorporated as part of the robotics development workflow,” said Julian Cerruti, CTO and co-founder of InOrbit.

“With the developer portal and our free edition, we’re making it easier for developers to find the right components and get started quickly, freeing up time to focus on the differentiating features that make their robots unique.”

Florian Pestoni, CEO and co-founder of InOrbit explained that its data platform can take care of common RobOps needs for most robots in the real world

Furthermore, InOrbit announced the launch of the InOrbit Ecosystem, a growing group of companies with complementary products and services. Together with InOrbit, these companies aim to offer the best solution to address various specialised needs across different verticals.

“InOrbit’s data platform can take care of common RobOps needs for most robots in the real world,” said Florian Pestoni, CEO and co-founder of InOrbit.

“At the same time, we know that each robot and deployment is unique. Now developers and robot operators have access to the tools they need to connect their robots to the cloud — and to everything else. Even better, we are enabling other companies to easily integrate with our platform to offer a range of solutions, including IoT sensor data, spatial intelligence, advanced video and routing algorithms.”

At launch, ecosystem members include Qualcomm Technologies, 634 AI, Digital Keystone, Ekumen, Zan Compute, Mapped, Meili Robots, Next Generation Robotics, OLogic, WiBotic, Zan Compute and WiBotic. InOrbit said additional collaborations are in the works.

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