ABB launches small six-axis robot for confined spaces

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Robotics and Automation 2020 exhibitor ABB is expanding its small robot portfolio with the new IRB 1300 for use in restricted workspaces.

The compact six-axis robot has been designed to lift loads that are either heavy or irregular shapes. It improves on the previous IRB 1600 model’s cycle times by 27% and is nearly 60% lighter.

The IRB 1300 is also 83% smaller than the 1600 with a footprint of 220mm by 220mm, allowing more robots to be set up in confined area. ABB said it believes this will increase production-line flexibility.

According to ABB, the latest model has improved payload and reach for materials handling, machine tending, polishing, and assembly and testing applications.

Antti Matinlauri, head of product management for ABB Robotics, said: “We’ve designed the IRB 1300 to help our customers achieve new standards of speed and accuracy as they develop solutions to lift heavy, complex or irregular shapes, even in small workspaces.”

The IRB 1300 also has 20 input/output ports enabling use with more sophisticated grippers or end-effectors. ABB said it believes this will allow users to improve productivity by handling an increased number of work pieces simultaneously.

The robot has been created for electronics, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods processing, packaging and logistics applications.

ABB (stand 502) will be at Robotics and Automation 2020, which takes place on 3rd and 4th November at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.