OnRobot launches Soft Gripper for pick and place applications

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Robotic end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) manufacturer OnRobot has announced the launch of a new Soft Gripper.

The solution is designed to pick a wide array of irregular shapes and delicate items in food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals production, as well as manufacturing and packaging.

It uses three interchangeable silicon-moulded cups in star and four-finger configurations to pick up small objects under 2.2kg.

The electric Soft Gripper is food-grade certified – it complies with FDA 21 CFR for non-fatty items and EC 1935/2004 – and requires no external air supply.

OnRobot CEO, Enrico Krog Iversen, said: “Our new Soft Gripper is challenging existing solutions for picking hard-to-grasp, delicate and odd-sized items.

OnRobot’s new food-grade Soft Gripper is able to pick an array of irregular shapes and delicate items, including lightbulbs

“Unlike proprietary solutions, the Soft Gripper offers seamless integration with most collaborative robots and light industrial robots through our One System Solution.”

OnRobot’s One System Solution is a platform that provides a unified mechanical and electrical interface between leading robot arms and any OnRobot EoAT.

It has been expanded to include integration with robots from ABB Robotics and Hanwha Precision Machinery.

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