Uipath acquires Re:infer for automated data solutions

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Automation software company Uipath has announced it has acquired Re:infer, a UK natural language processing (NLP) company.

Founded in 2015 by PhD candidates at University College London, Re:infer uses machine learning technology to reportedly mine context from communication messages and convert it into usable data.

“Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are a powerful and natural pair that together empower the vision of the fully automated enterprise,” said Ted Kummert, executive vice president, products and engineering at Uipath.

“Our customers are awash in documents, communications and data that they need to understand the meaning of and process efficiently.

“Combining Re:infer’s NLP technology with our document understanding and AI products expands the breadth of our current AI-powered automation capabilities and unlocks new automation opportunities for our customers.”

Re:infer claims that it allows users to implement tailored machine learning models to analyse documents and communications data generated by an organisation. It suggests this data was previously lost or ignored due to processing limitations.

According to the two companies, Re:infer’s no-code interface allows business users to train their own AI models for increased specificity and flexibility. The self-learning platform is designed to constantly improve model accuracy to support customers in identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

The technology is reportedly used across a suite of global enterprises – including large banking, insurance, and e-commerce organisations – to scale services, improve customer experiences and drive process improvement. Some of these customers include UBS, Deutsche Bank, Hiscox Ltd and Farfetch.

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