Stow acquires Raiser Robotics to launch warehouse automation unit

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Industrial solutions firm Stow Group has announced the creation of a new unit dedicated to warehouse automation, Stow Robotics.

Stow Robotics will regroup all existing warehouse automation solutions for both pallets and bins, such as the Stow Atlas 2D pallet shuttles, launched in 2020, and the related services and teams.

The current development pipeline of warehouse automation solutions and software will also be part of the new unit. The Stow Robotics unit will be led by Stow Group’s chief technology officer Detlef Ganz.

In addition, the group is also acquiring a majority stake in Raiser Robotics, which will form part of Stow Robotics. The German start-up develops solutions for warehouse automation, such as the e.scala, a three-dimensional modular automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) for bins and boxes.

Stow has acquired ASRS provider Raiser Robotics as part of the new unit

Rainer Buchmann, co-founder of Raiser Robotics, said: “We’re delighted to join forces with Stow Group, a global leader in industrial storage solutions.

“This is the right partnership to achieve swift market penetration of e.scala across Europe and North America, and we are proud to have our team contribute to shaping the future of Stow Robotics.”

The creation of the new unit and acquisition of Raiser Robotics is backed by the Blackstone Group, Stow’s majority shareholder.

According to Stow, the move reinforces and builds upon the group’s position as a leader in the industrial storage market with an innovative portfolio of warehouse solutions and a specific focus on the warehouse automation space.

Jos De Vuyst, CEO of Stow Group, said: “The launch of Stow Robotics is a strategic milestone for our business and will create substantial synergies across our warehouse automation portfolio.”

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