Spectis Robotics tests new submersible in Aberdeen quarry

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Aberdeen’s Spectis Robotics has taken to the waters of Rubislaw quarry to trial its latest remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) – the Deep Trekker DTG3.

According to Spectis, the ROV can visually inspect any body of water using remotely operated cameras. With a 4K ultra HD low-light camera and 12-hour battery life, the ROV allows operators to investigate under water clearly.

Rubislaw quarry, reportedly Europe’s largest man-made hole, filled with 460ft of water since it ceased operation, was deemed by Spectris to be the “perfect place” to test the ROV’s ability to dive to 200m. Spectis said the ROV reached the depth of the quarry, which is believed to be around 140m deep.

DTG3 is described as extremely mobile as it can be manoeuvred in all four directions with a top speed of 2.5kts. Additional features include goggles, which the operator can wear like a visual reality headset to see exactly what the cameras see. Another model includes a grabber for collecting samples in underwater investigations.

In a recent case study the DTG3 inspected a 700m-long pipeline between the shore and an offshore windfarm for damages, a task normally completed by a dive team, which Spectis Robotics said was not only dangerous to the divers but cost time and money.

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