Semi-autonomous ROV launched by Deep Trekker

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Deep Trekker, a Canadian submersible robotics company, has introduced a new remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) that is semi-autonomous with improved positioning and stabilisation.

Revolution Nav uses Google maps to provide the pilot with the ROVs position. It can also leave a trail to points of interest for future exploration and be used in auto altitude and pilot mode, which can hold against currents.

According to Deep Trekker, the ROV is designed for use in harsh environments, making it suitable for underwater exploration in energy, shipping, defence, infrastructure and search and rescue applications. The ROV comes fully assembled, tested and is ready to be used in open, murky water or where there is a significant current.

Deep Trekker president, Sam Macdonald, said: “The Revolution Nav uses our Bridge technology and sensor fusion to provide station keeping, location tracking and intelligent navigation in addition to real time location data. We aim for constant innovation and the Revolution Nav allows us to continue to provide advancements to our customers and pave the way towards autonomy.”

The ROV combines Deep Trekker’s ultra-short baseline, doppler velocity log (DVL) and Bridge technology to enable the intelligent navigation system. Sonar beacons triangulate the position of the ROV and a GPS chip enables data to be correlated for real-time latitude and longitude.

Furthermore, the DVL provides pilots with the ability to accurately determine velocity relative to the seafloor, allowing for easy navigation through complex operations.

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