Rolls-Royce and Sea Machines collaborate on autonomous ship solutions

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Rolls-Royce and Sea Machines Robotics have announced a new collaboration that aims to deliver comprehensive remote command, autonomous control and intelligent crew support systems for the marine market.

As part of this agreement, Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems and Sea Machines, developer of remote-vessel command and autonomous control systems, will join forces on the development and sale of fully and semi-autonomous vessel control systems.

The combination of Rolls-Royce’s propulsion and automation solutions with Sea Machines’ vessel control products is designed to offer marine customers benefits in terms of vessel operations, safety, efficiency and environmental impact. The solution will also complement Rolls-Royce’s mtu NautIQ marine automation portfolio.

Claudius Müller, head of business development of the marine business at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said: “Our aim is to offer our customers highly innovative and integrated solutions which are industry-leading – from propulsion, ship automation, bridge systems to semi and fully autonomous control systems, complemented by our digital solutions like our latest Equipment Health Management system mtu NautIQ Foresight.

“Following the acquisition of Servowatch and the inclusion of bridge systems into our newly launched mtu NautIQ portfolio, the agreement with Sea Machines is the logical next step.”

Rolls-Royce and Sea Machines aim to provide customers with advanced solutions which aggregate and analyse all vessel data and control vessels based on this information

The strategic cooperation will focus on products for remote and autonomous vessel control and situational awareness, primarily for yachts, commercial and government vessels.

As part of the agreement, Rolls-Royce Power Systems will receive sales and service rights for existing and future Sea Machines products. The two companies will also work together to develop new capabilities to provide customers with advanced total solutions that aggregate and analyse all vessel data and intelligently control vessels based on this information.

Michael Johnson, CEO and founder of Sea Machines, added: “Our autonomous vessel control products and advanced perception systems are pioneering the revolutionary shift of conventional and manual vessel control effort from human to intelligent technology.

“Autonomous systems take over routine efforts, reduce stress for crews and thus increase operational predictability and safety. The technology makes shipping more productive, economical and contributes to more sustainable operations. We partner with those best-in-class and Rolls-Royce stands out as being most trusted.”

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