ABB unveils two new OmniVance application cells

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ABB Robotics has launched two new products under its OmniVance brand of application cells, the OmniVance FlexArc Compact Cell and the OmniVance Machining Cell and Software.

Built with robots, controllers, software and other peripheral components, OmniVance application cells are ready-to-deploy modular solutions that can be integrated into production lines and with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

OmniVance FlexArc Compact is designed to save space and bring greater flexibility to welding applications with what is claimed to be the smallest footprint in its class, at 14.3m2.

Featuring a 45-degree gantry robot placed the centre of a three-axis turntable, the cell can be integrated with AMRs and up to four fixed robots can be added to it to increase production capacity without needing to change its structure.

“Welding is one of the fastest-growing applications for automation – and it’s being driven by a lack of labour,” said Marc Segura, ABB’s robotics division president.

“Rising costs and more challenging customer needs make production more complex, meaning manufacturers need simple automation solutions that can easily adapt to changing market needs.”

The OmniVance Machining Cell and Machining Software solution is designed for a range of applications including sanding, polishing, cutting, and surface finishing.

It combines an IRB 2600 robot, controller and turn table with pressure and level sensors and other equipment and pre-tested components.

Some 90% of the cell is pre-built, resulting in faster set-up and a more compact footprint in a range of production environments.

Able to perform up to eight different applications in a single cell, the new technology can run up to 20,000 hours in harsh conditions without needing maintenance.

What’s more, it reduces set-up time by 92% and, via the Machining Software’s auto-calibration and path-tuning capabilities, reduces calibration time from four hours to 10 minutes.

Finally, integrated path tuning functionality enables users to edit thousands of path points in half a day, compared to the two days typically needed to obtain a high-quality surface such as that of a cellphone case or an aluminium wheel.

“Our OmniVance Machining Cell and Machining Software provide new opportunities for unlocking new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility for businesses across a wide range of sectors, from wood and metals production through to electronics and automotive,” added Segura.

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