AI-based Vehicle Damage-Finder System granted EU patent

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Ravin AI, a developer of vehicle inspection tools, has been granted a European patent for its Vehicle Damage-Finder Stationary Modeling System, which uses AI to increase report accuracy.

Ravin’s damage finder uses stationary cameras to capture a car’s image and provide a comprehensive damage report, which is cross referenced with the vehicle’s computed model.

This is done through an algorithmic modelling system, which recognises where certain parts are and identifies anything that is foreign to a car, such as dirt, versus its model type.

Comparing the vehicle to its own model eliminates the need to train the AI to identify millions of images. According to Ravin, this increases report accuracy without limiting image-taking angles.

Ravin hopes this will lead to improved fleet management, more transparent car rental and repair shop experiences, faster and more reliable insurance claims and fairer used car prices.

The patent is reportedly the first-of-its-kind in the field of AI-powered visual inspection and includes Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

Eliron Ekstein, CEO and co-founder of Ravin AI, said: “Not only do our algorithms save time by improving analysis efficiency, they also do not interfere with fleet management operations.

“Our unique technology is already creating a more coherent and trustworthy system of vehicle appraisal for consumers and businesses across the continent.”

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