RARUK extends mobile industrial robot range

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RARUK Automation has extended its range of mobile industrial robots with the addition of MiR Shelf Lift.

This autonomous device optimises the in-house transportation of heavy loads and pallets, enabling warehouse workers to focus on higher value activities.

MiR Shelf Lift is compatible with both MiR500 and MiR1000 autonomous mobile robot (AMR) models from RARUK Automation and enables carts, cages, pallets and heavy loads of different shapes and sizes to be freely moved without the need for pallet racks or other loading stations.

Ross Lacy, mobile robot product manager, RARUK Automation, said: “AMRs have been designed to solve the current issue of intralogistics bottlenecks and our MiR series helps customers eliminate potential concerns about deployment costs, operations and maintenance, production models, and human-machine collaboration.”

This latest addition to the MiR lineup is ready to use out of the box.

Furthermore, an open interface means it can be customised and reprogrammed for different tasks.

Like all other MiR AMRs, MiR Shelf Lift operates without the need for facility layout changes.

It features no wires or magnetic strips, and no QR codes are required as the robot’s movement is controlled by navigation software.

“Overall, the demands of intralogistics are becoming more complex and sophisticated,” added Lacy. “Traditional solutions, such as hand carts and even AGVs, have not been as successful at meeting these expectations.

“Emerging autonomous mobile robot technology will prove to be the most flexible, efficient and secure solution.”

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