Omron launches LD-250 mobile robot

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Omron has launched LD-250, a new mobile robot with a payload capacity of 250kg, making it the strongest and newest addition to the company’s LD series.

With almost double the surface area of other robots in the LD series, the LD-250 can transport items traditionally moved by humans using carts, including large automotive components such as transmission blocks, seats or wire harnesses and voluminous packaging materials in the food and commodities industry.

To optimise the autonomous material transport system, customers can use Omron’s Fleet Manager solution, which can control up to 100 Omron mobile robots with different payloads and capabilities, by conducting traffic management, battery management, and navigation of vehicles.

The new meal-skinned mobile robot can also autonomously avoid people and obstacles while automatically calculating the best routes to transport material.

The LD-250 allows customers to load more onto a mobile robot, making fewer trips with heavier batches, increasing the return on investment

According to Omron, the LD-250 will help factories worldwide to meet challenges they face in increasing the productivity and profitability of high-mix production with decreasing workforces in industrialised nations and rising labour costs in emerging countries.

Tom Mathias, president and CEO of Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies, which is part of Omron’s Industrial Automation business unit, said: “Onsite logistics, the movement of products and material within the factory and warehouse, is becoming a real bottleneck for many companies due to the frequency and tediousness of the job, compounded by rising labour costs.

“Omron’s mobile robots can help companies solve this issue because they can work 24 hours a day tirelessly, punctually, and safely in the same environment as people.”

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