InVia Robotics expands picking system capabilities

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InVia Robotics, a provider of next-generation warehouse solutions for e-commerce, has announced the expansion of its core automation system.

The update includes InVia Connect, which streamlines integration, and the ability to automate replenishment, cycle counting and returns.

InVia’s automation system is powered by inVia Logic, which calculates and synchronises inventory movements for a variety of business cases, and InVia Command, which maps a warehouse and designs optimised workflows based on those calculations. The workflows can be implemented in zones serviced by InVia picker robots and/or warehouse workers.

InVia Connect adds a new drag-and-drop data translator to the software that matches data fields between a customer’s WMS and InVia’s system. According to the company, this simplifies “a costly and complicated systems integration process that typically takes months to complete”.

New features simplify system integration and add additional fulfilment tasks

InVia’s system automates routine, manual and generally inefficient warehouse tasks, including picking and sortation. With this expansion InVia picker robots can now also carry out replenishment, cycle counting and returns tasks.

“InVia’s system expansion helps our customers stay ahead of consumer demand as the e-commerce landscape continues to rapidly change and grow,” said Lior Elazary, co-founder and CEO of InVia Robotics.

“System deployments are already possible in a matter of days, and now system integration can happen just as quickly. The ability for our robots to take on additional routine tasks creates even greater efficiency across the entire warehouse in time for the busy holiday peak season. ”

InVia’s model makes robotics and automation accessible to companies of any size who face a high degree of seasonality by introducing the ability to pay only for the services robots provide rather than buying and maintaining robots. This allows them to scale services up or down as needed.

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