Croatian Post to deploy autonomous mobile robots

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Croatian Post has introduced Gideon Brothers’ pallet-carrying autonomous mobile robots to its new sorting centre, located outside of Zagreb.

According to Croatian Post, the pilot strongly supports the growth of the company’s core business, as the central pillar of its Post 2022 strategy.

By introducing robots into its operations, Croatian Post says it is following Industry 4.0 trends by connecting digital and internet-based systems to establish communication between machines, people, and product and business systems.

The pilot project will be implemented over the next four months in a high-rack warehouse and in the sorting facility. Employees who will work alongside the robots will be trained during this period.

In Croatian Post’s warehouse, the robots will assist with the picking and transport of mail. In the sorting facility, the robots will transport mail from vehicles to processing locations that prepare the mail and packages for delivery.

The self-driving logistics robots can carry loads of up 800kg (1,763 lb) and can safely manoeuvre around people, equipment and other moving machines.

Its technology is based on visual perception, combining deep learning (AI) with stereoscopic cameras to create a new generation of robotic vision.

Croatian Post said the pilot project is a sign that it is open to new opportunities brought by technology that can provide a competitive advantage.

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