Berkshire Grey’s robotic shuttle product sortation solution now available outside USA

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Berkshire Grey, a developer of AI-enabled robotic solutions designed to automate supply-chain processes, has announced the global availability of its robotic shuttle product sortation (RSPS) solution for store replenishment, split-case cross docking and allocation order processing.

Following a series of installations at major US retailers, the solution, which has been developed to automate store order sortation and packing, is now generally available for global deployments by retailers, grocers and 3PLs.

According to Berkshire Grey, the RSPS increases processing capacity and throughput for existing operations without adding labour, helps to right-size store inventories and enables e-commerce fulfilment from stores to scale.

The fully integrated system is powered by core AI software designed to enable distribution centres to improve order processing at existing facilities using current workforces, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations during installation.

Following successful customer adoption in the USA, Berkshire Grey now offers its RSPS to global retailers, grocers and 3PLs to efficiently put the right inventory in the right places at the right times

“Our robotic automation enables the merchandising practices that drive retail growth while improving operating expenses in distribution centres and 3PLs tasked with executing the replenishment and allocation order strategies retail growth requires,” said Tom Wagner, founder and CEO at Berkshire Grey.

“Berkshire Grey’s AI-powered robotic shuttle product sortation solution is the pathway forward for distribution operations to deliver competitive advantage at compelling margins despite facing increasing labour scarcity.”

Designed by Berkshire Grey to be “an AI-powered upgrade to any type of legacy put-to-light operation”, the RSPS can increase piece pick order fulfilment by up to 4x with no additional labour; improve shipment capacity and container cube utilisation by up to 10%; and handle nearly all typical SKU assortments.

What’s more, the system can operate standalone or integrated with conventional material handling systems such as automated storage and retrieval systems; install into existing operations with a small footprint of less than 2,500ft2; and support configurable order container sizes and batches.

The RSPS is Berkshire Grey’s latest AI-enabled automated solution for retailers, grocers and 3PLs, and follows the recent launch of the company’s robotic shuttle put wall solution designed for fast and efficient e-commerce order fulfilment.

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