Apotea deploys robotic item-handling system to expedite e-commerce operations

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Apotea, a Swedish online pharmacy, has announced the deployment and installation of RightHand Robotics’ RightPick 3 item-handling system to automate its facility in Morgongåva, Sweden.

RightHand Robotics, which provides data-driven, autonomous robotic picking solutions for order fulfilment, will support Apotea’s increasing demand for online orders from customers throughout Sweden.

Apotea, on average, ships over one million parcels per month. To keep up with order volume, Apotea has invested in RightPick 3 platform to accelerate its e-commerce business and provide Swedish consumers quicker access to medication and other non-prescription products.

“Through our warehouse automation initiatives, our efficiency has reached new levels to meet demand,” said Pär Svärdson, CEO of Apotea. “RightHand Robotics’ RightPick 3 technology, powered by its RightPick AI software, will allow us to pick a wide range of non-prescription goods and prescription drugs at a higher, faster rate that will satisfy customers’ needs into the future.

“As our business model continues to evolve, we’re excited to have RightPick 3 to add extra capacity and elevate our business to the next level for the benefit of our customers,”

RightPick 3 is a ‘model free’ piece-picking solution suitable for automating warehouse order fulfilment tasks continuously. It is designed to integrate with other technologies to further automate warehouse processes and increase efficiency.

Utilising AI and machine learning capabilities, RightPick 3 instantly finds the best way to handle the selected item, which increases order capacity, improves goods handling, and speeds delivery time, as well as creates a link between other installed systems and material flow.

“Robotic piece-picking automation is an increasingly important component of the supply chain, delivering greater efficiency at the fulfilment centre, while increasing customer service levels in terms of order accuracy and delivery times,” said Paul Eyre, director of global channel sales at RightHand Robotics.

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