Ranpak invests in Pickle Robot Company

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Packaging firm Ranpak Holdings has invested in Pickle Robot Company, a developer of automated sorting robots for the logistics industry.

Pickle Robot has designed a package-handling robot to be collaborative, low cost and that can automate several key tasks along the e-commerce supply chain.

Andrew Meyer, co-founder of Pickle Robot, said: “As a leader in packaging automation, Ranpak is the ideal partner to apply and scale our robotic solutions, which inexpensively retrofit into existing operations while increasing the processing rate of the entire packaging facility.

“We are excited to work together to bring our robotics technology to the global logistics industry.”

Ranpak Automation added its investment in Pickle is highly strategic, it complements and expands its existing portfolio of automated solutions. This investment follows Ranpak’s recent creation of R Squared Robotics, a division that uses 3D computer vision and AI technologies to improve end-of-the-line packaging and logistics.

Ranpak Automation, along with Pickle and R Squared Robotics, aim to design and build automated, integrated systems for high volume end-users to improve the speed and efficiency of their operations.

“We are investing in leading-edge technology to further accelerate Ranpak’s global leadership in packaging automation,” said Omar Asali, chief executive officer of Ranpak.

“This strategic investment in Pickle Robot combined with our addition of R Squared Robotics, further solidifies our focus on automation and ultimately unlocks new opportunities to deliver efficiencies, cost-savings and value to our global customer base. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and robotics, Ranpak is driving transformation of the fulfilment and packaging industry.”

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