Nachi-Fujikoshi introduces compact industrial robots

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Japanese robotic manufacturer Nachi-Fujikoshi has expanded its series of compact robots, launching the EC06 and MZ12H.

According to the company, the need for automation by robots is increasing in the manufacturing sector and it aims to assist in dealing with labour shortages, as well as improving productivity.

It has therefore designed the new small robots for electrical machinery, electronics and general industrial machinery.

The SCARA EC06 has a reach of 500mm, 600mm, and 700mm

The SCARA EC06 uses a series of control devices to facilitate the merger of robots and improve convenience for users. It is available in three models with a maximum payload of 6kg and a reach of 500mm, 600mm, and 700mm.

Nachi-Fujikoshi added the hollow structure of the tip axis simplifies the routing of tube/hose from the robot body to various tools, this reduces the risk of interference with peripheral equipment and improves reliability.

The MHZ12 can be used for picking, assembly and handling of parts

The MZ12H is designed to be compatible with large workpieces and gripers and can be used for a wide range of applications such as picking, assembly and handling of parts.

It is also equipped with dust-proof/ liquid resistant, (IP67 equivalent) and rust-proof functions as standard. It is also compatible with environments where dust and water droplets are scattered.

Furthermore, it combines weight reduction and high rigidity, high-speed, high-precision operation and position repeatability ±0.04mm, to improve Nachi-Fujikoshi’s customer’s productivity.

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