Fanuc expands M-900 six-axis robot series

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Fanuc has expanded its heavy payload M-900 six-axis robot series with the introduction of the long-reach M-900iB/330L.

The M-900iB/330L features a large working envelope of 3,203mm x 3,539mm, and a payload capacity of 330kg, making it suitable solution for large part handling applications. Furtherhmore, the robot has bee developed with a rigid construction and a supporting parallel link arm to ensure accuracy in precision operations.

Andy Armstrong, sales and marketing manager at Fanuc UK, said: “Our M-900 series has proven to be the ideal solution for heavy spot welding and palletising, alongside a host of other material handling applications. The M-900iB/330L continues in this vein, marking itself out as a unique solution owing to its long reach and high payload capacity.”

The M-900iB/330L’s compact design reduces the solution’s overall footprint, which makes it suitable for use by manufacturers that need maximise available floor space. The associated footprint is further reduced by integrating services into the arm, such as the motor, i/o, and compressed air system. Not only does this help to prevent snagging and interference, but the position of the wrist motor protects it from heat and contributes to faster cycle times.

The M-900iB/330L is controlled by Fanuc’s R-30iB Plus controller, which allows users to programme the robot with over 250 software functions through iPendant.

Armstrong added: “The M-900 series equips operators with an easy to operate, automated solution for heavy-duty handling tasks. By introducing the long arm M-900iB/330L, we’ve ensured that there is an automation solution for any application.”

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