UK surgical robot installed in hospitals in India and Middle East

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CMR Surgical has implemented its Versius surgical robotic system at a number of hospitals in India and the Middle East.

The robotic system provides support in minimal access surgery (MAS), commonly known as keyhole surgery, and can be used in hernia repair, prostatectomies and hysterectomies.

In India, the UK-built Versius has been adopted by Swagat Hospital in Guwahati, Lima Hospital in Chennai and SP Well Forte in Trivandrum.

Dr Subhash Khanna, chief medical director at Swagat Super Specialty Surgical Institute, said: “With the Versius robot in my operating theatre, I have been able to do further advanced work with greater accuracy and efficiency. Versius allows us to see in close detail through a 3D image, as well as giving us maximum surgical precision.

“The system brings the most value when the procedure would otherwise be open. The robot also helps in reducing my fatigue as I can work the controls while sitting at a console instead of standing over the patient for hours. This technology when safely and effectively applied, can make medical care more successful.”

CMR has also recently secured a partnership with ATG Group in Egypt, which adds to an existing collaboration with Gulf Drug in the United Arab Emirates to bring Versius to the region. These partnerships will see the surgical robot rolled out to hospitals in the Middle East this year.

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