UK-built surgical robot launches in Australia

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CMR Surgical, in partnership with LifeHealthcare, has announced the launch of the Versius surgical robotic system in Australia.

Macquarie University Hospital – a private teaching hospital based in Sydney – is the first to use the system following approval from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration in late 2019, which allows Versius to be used in a broad range of laparoscopic procedures.

Macquarie University Hospital has acquired Versius to help perform a range of robotic-assisted minimal access surgeries (MAS) including general, urological, and gynaecological procedures.

While robotic-assisted MAS has been used in Australia for nearly two decades, options in this area have been limited, according to David Gillatt, professor of urological oncology and robotic surgery and director of medical services at Macquarie University Hospital.

“Versius is an important new addition as it is significantly more versatile, meaning I can perform intricate surgeries more efficiently, with greater accuracy and ease,” said Gillatt. “For my patients this can mean less pain, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery.”

Hospital staff also stand to benefit from the technology. CMR’s Versius comprises three independent arms – biomimicking a human arm – coupled with 3D visualisation and instrument control to help reduce stress and fatigue for surgeons.

Australia has become the fifth global market to introduce Versius, with Macquarie University Hospital joining a number of hospitals across Europe and India to adopt the technology.

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