InVia secures investment for warehouse RaaS model

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Industrial robotics company InVia Robotics has raised US$30m (£21.6m) in a series C round, to support its growth in the warehouse market with the adoption of Qualcomm’s Robotics RB5 platform.

The Los Angeles-based company offers a subscription-based service that includes autonomous robots, optimisation software, and dedicated monitoring teams. The platform integrates with existing warehouses, determining paths, mapping workflows, and identifying task interdependencies to minimise inefficiencies and “warehouse walking.”

According to InVia, its robots can be scaled up or down or have tasks reassigned in response to changes in order volume and seasonality. The company owns, operates, and maintains its equipment over the lifetime of service contracts.

“You don’t need to buy robots or be a robotics expert to reap the benefits of warehouse automation. We handle everything. Through our Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, we own, operate, and continuously optimise our robots to integrate with your fulfilment processes and maximise your efficiency,” said an InVia spokesperson.

This latest funding round was co-led by Microsoft’s M12 Ventures and Qualcomm, with participation from Hitachi. InVia said it will draw on AI expertise from Hitachi and Microsoft. The company’s total funding to date is US$59m (£42.5m).

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