Pudu Robotics unveils restaurant robot

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Chinese technology company Pudu Robotics has revealed the global availability of its delivery and hospitality reception robot, KettyBot, at a launch event in Moscow, Russia.

The robot is designed to be a low-cost and high-efficiency solution, equipped with an advertising display and AI systems for the reception of customers in high-traffic restaurants, Pudu added KettyBot delivers a state-of-the-art experience for customers.

The compact size and forward-leaning C-shaped body allows KettyBotto go through a 55cm minimum passibility, enabling it to operate in complex and crowded environments. Removable trays and rear cover gives the robot more flexibility to perform a range of tasks.

KettyBot uses AI to greet and interacts with passing customers by waking up its screen

The built-in PUDU SLAM multi-sensor solution, with dual positioning, navigation, laser and visual systems, allows KettyBot to detect obstacles with accuracy.

And, the PUDU scheduler system means KettyBot can directly communicate with any robot in the same network. The PUDU scheduler system also supports the easy scheduling of 100 robots working in parallel.

With AI voice interaction, KettyBot greets and interacts with passing customers by waking up its screen. Additionally, the robot can cruise in specific areas to provide customers with free snacks and drinks, accompanied by broadcasts about services and promotions.

An 18.5″ large advertising screen adapts to the customer’s angle of view to display promotional materials in the customised zone, providing a more eye-catching approach for marketing.

KettyBot automatically provides a voice alert and notification when the battery is low and returns to the docking station simultaneously. Ultra-long battery life, with a capacity of 25.6Ah on a single charge it can last up to eight hours.

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