Moley Robotics launches automated kitchen at CES 2021

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London-based technology company Moley Robotics has showcased its robotic kitchen as part of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2021 virtual event.

The product of six years of research, the Moley kitchen features a dexterous robot that prepares freshly cooked meals at the touch of a button.

The kitchen features two collaborative robot (cobot) arms supplied by Universal Robots and fully-articulated ‘hands’ developed in collaboration with German robotic company Schunk.

This combination enables the robot to retrieve ingredients from a smart fridge, adjust hob temperature, use a sink to fill pans and pour, mix and plate up as a human cook would. The robot also cleans up after itself.

The kitchen can be used by humans and robot

The Moley kitchen uses a combination of sensors and optical cameras to map ingredients, cookware and utensils within in the kitchen. Markers on handles and pan lids help the robot orientate the stainless-steel pots, pans, and utensils.

The robot’s optical system can spot dropped food and clean up before and after cooking, while an integrated UV lamp ensures the cooking area is kept germ-free.

The robotic kitchen can mix and plate up

Accordingto Moley, the system does not cook like a machine but instead captures human skills in motion.

An international team of 100 engineers developed the technology with the help of three award-winning chefs. BBC Masterchef winner Tim Anderson had his cooking techniques 3D recorded then translated into digital movement using bespoke algorithms.

Furthermore, Anderson and fellow chefs Nicole Pisani and Andrew Clarke have created 30 dishes to showcase the systems’ capabilities at launch.

Moley customers will be able to select from a digital menu with over 5,000 choices, as well having the option to record family-favourite dishes using its recipe-creator software tool.

Moley Robotics CEO, Mark Oleynik, said: “Whether you love food and want to explore different cuisines, follow a low calorie diet or have special dietary requirements the Automated Kitchen can do this.

Thanks to the recipe sharing platform, home cooks and chefs will be able to upload personalised variations of recipes and save family favourites for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

It is not just a labour-saving device – it is a platform for our creativity. It can even teach us how to become better cooks!”

A commercial version of the Moley kitchen will be released later this year.

You can read more about Moley Robotics and other robotic kitchens in the January 2021 issue of Robotics & Innovation Magazine online now!

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