Lloyd Shoes to use mobile picking robots in its warehouse

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Two mobile picking robots from Magazino are to be used in German retailer Lloyd Shoes’ dispatch warehouse in Sulingen, Germany.

The TORU robots will help employees pick and stow shoes in shelving racks. The continuing growth in e-commerce and ever smaller batch sizes needs automation solutions that can be changed flexibly and scaled as needed.

The robot is there to relieve employees of non-ergonomic tasks like picking from the top or bottom shelf, or particularly long walking distances in the warehouse.

Because of sensors, the TORU robot can perceive its environment, recognise people or obstacles in its path. This enables TORU to operate in a safe way.

The TORU uses AI to continuously learn from its own experience in its daily work and share this knowledge with its robot colleagues. This makes the robots constantly faster and much more robust in unknown situations.

“We are convinced that Magazino robots are an important component for a flexible, scalable automation of our warehouse processes and help us to reflect the growth in e-commerce and above all to support our employees,” said Stephen Wiegmann, project manager at Lloyd.

The TORU robots are already operating at several customer sites in Germany and Europe. Some of the users are FIEGE Logistics and the online platform Zalando.



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