Robotic delivery mopeds released by Cleverpod

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Italian robotic vehicle manufacturer Cleverpod has launched its first EU certified three-wheeled moped to help couriers work in urban environments and eliminate slow and inefficient deliveries.

The CP01 features a range of sensors, a multimedia interface and an onboard virtual assistant. It can be remote-controlled or connected to a central logistics system. Cleverpod said it is the first express delivery vehicle of its kind to be truly smart.

Additionally, automated diagnostic functions and a 5G digital cockpit are included for efficient daily management.

The CP01 includes a range of robotic technology for efficient urban deliveries

Cleverpod CEO, Alexander Yuryev, said: “These are specialised robotic vehicles. They’re augmented with sensors, cameras, projection and broadcasting equipment.

“The hardware/software solutions and cloud computing ecosystems will help operators connect with their vehicle through mutually adaptive learning.”

The vehicle has been designed to be up to 50% cheaper to buy and maintain than a typical car or van. It features a cabin that can protect vulnerable goods from moisture or shock, and a climate control system to keep the operator comfortable.

Long-range batteries enable the CP01 to cover up to 300km with fast charging capability for quick turnaround. Customisable exteriors are available for different sectors and marketing purposes.

“Cleverpod believes that there should be a synergy between human beings and technology,” added Yuryev. “Our company’s mission is to create a balanced, symbiotic relationship between operator and auto-robot in the delivery sector. We believe this will bring more harmony and less anxiety to individual operators and fleet managers alike.”

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