Reports suggest Amazon to wind down UK drone delivery business

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Amazon’s UK drone delivery business has been grounded with redundancies and transfers made, according to reports.

Wired has stated that well over 100 employees at Amazon Prime Air have lost their jobs and dozens of other roles are moving to other projects abroad as the company shutters part of its operation in the UK.

Sources have told the publication that the drone delivery operation, launched in 2016, is now uncertain. The workers described the project as “collapsing inwards”, “dysfunctional” and resembled “organised chaos”, run by managers that were “detached from reality” in the years building up to the mass redundancies.

Amazon has responded that it still has staff working for Prime Air in the UK, but refused to confirm a headcount. A spokesperson also refused to disclose what type of work will take place.

Furthermore, Amazon would not confirm if any of the test flights that once filled promotional videos will still take place in the UK.

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